Wednesday, October 17, 2007

how to dow digital animation

it hard to know about digital animation because u need the progaramme first and u must find the best one, also den u need to learn how to do the animation, u need all the item like camera , video recorder, a computer always need it, also u can use a webcam but mostly not needed so to being it just create a animation of an stick man the most easy to do for stater like me. i have a picture that is an animation hope u like it

this is one of the animation it look easy but very hard to do from the picture u can see that it start with a sketch with three different colours and den the animation start............

here is also a picture about animation ................. enjoy

i like this character ii's 3d

this anime it is well done i think it is a game character.........
well that's all about digital animation that all that i can tell......

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