Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I like the donut that the sell it nice and fattening

see what i say it's delicious and make u fat

my uncle bought this for me at discovery centre it cost $9.90
$10 lah

3D PHOTO FROM deadpanda

i hope u like all the pics...

how to dow digital animation

it hard to know about digital animation because u need the progaramme first and u must find the best one, also den u need to learn how to do the animation, u need all the item like camera , video recorder, a computer always need it, also u can use a webcam but mostly not needed so to being it just create a animation of an stick man the most easy to do for stater like me. i have a picture that is an animation hope u like it

this is one of the animation it look easy but very hard to do from the picture u can see that it start with a sketch with three different colours and den the animation start............

here is also a picture about animation ................. enjoy

i like this character ii's 3d

this anime it is well done i think it is a game character.........
well that's all about digital animation that all that i can tell......

Monday, October 15, 2007

my psp design simple n very easy

the easy n normal

the JLA edition

this all r easy 2 do .



N level was a bad time 4 me, all the paper was hard n some was easy i just hope i pass all my subjects expectly MATH i must pass . Some paper u need 2 go 2 other school some is at our school. Most question is hard 2 answer n some r very easy to answer but i try my best to answer all question..................

Sunday, October 14, 2007


here r some of the other pic that happened last saturday..

hope u like it


The first day of hari raya was last saturday.....

here r some of the pic..

kak lidyana kak juli

naufal i think....

kak sida, kak dila n kak zura


Hari raya eve

Before HARI RAYA the whole day we clean the house till night

we throw alot of the old item that we don't need......

after long hours of cleaning .. the place is clean

here are some of the pics.......


Sunday, October 7, 2007

EOA paper

today will be my EOA N level paper ...........

it will be also hard because is over 100

here are some of the question that will be in the paper