Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

my ite course

27/12/07 i got wat i at last digital animation iam soooooo happy. before i got de course i must take a drawing test n interview. Firstly i must i draw the pic that they, i drew a cowboy, a little girl crying there is one part i can draw a character that i like and de last part de interview it was easy just keep talking n talking bah bah bah .................... my friend yoke ting aka jasper also went 4 de interview but failed i feel sad 4 her but i hope she got another course...4 me i am happy went de next day that i got into de course i was jumping around like crazy..............
tmr i must apply 4 my ite at my school i also ask my cousin naufal 2 follow me to go there 4 me i hope i got 2 meet new friends .......... :)

cousin who r sick during the wedding

kak nafisah n zak

kak ann n kak nafisah , who have chicken pot
how now she is now healty.....

zak have sore eye the source is uknown
but after the wedding he is ok

zak again look it de face soo stresss


this candid photos r taken during abang R wedding